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Heat treatment

PEINER UMFORMTECHNIK GMBH disposes of the know-how and the capacties to offer you a quick, individual and high-quality heat treatment.

With our six machines for heat treatments we can guarantee a quick an reliable production process. In our portfolio we have modern, computer-controlled flow stoves, chamber stoves and a vacuum stove. On these machines we offer the services heat treatment, hardening or glowing.

Nevertheless, our offer is more than the classical heat treatment. We offer to you, in addition, all necessary check in our DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited test lab.

For the work with your parts we can use our big range of different machines. 


Director heat treatment

Stephan Behme

Phone: +49 (0) 5171 545-407




Mr. Schürz

Phone: +49 (0) 5171 5057-217



Heat treatment procedures

  • Martensitisch hardening and heat treatment
  • Caseharden
  • Glow



Three flow heat treatment machines

  • Minimum order weight 1.000kg
  • Range M6x30 to M64x400
  • Hardness temperature 800 - 950°C
  • Tempering temperature 200 - 650°C

 Two chamber stoves

  • Minimum order weight 100kg
  • Part length max. 800mm
  • Hardness temperature 800 - 1.200°C
  • Tempering temperature 200 - 750°C 

 One Vacuum stove

  • Weight per piece max. 100kg
  • Effective space L x W x H   610x450x400mm
  • Temperature max. 1.350°C
  • Nitrogen quench pressure max. 6bar