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PEINER Umformtechnik is a partner of numerous automotive manufacturers and major system suppliers for the development and mass production of high strength fasteners and advanced forged components, including the subsequent machining and finishing operations. We supply fasteners and forged components for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry:

» For the chassis: e.g. wheel studs and wheel bolts, bushes, knurled shank bolts, eccentric bolts, double-ended studs, hollow and solid axle journals, weld bushes and hubs

» For brakes: e.g. adjusting spindles, weld studs and eye bolts

» For engines: e.g. connecting rod bolts, cylinder head bolts, bolts for the crankshaft bearing cap, valve housing for the camshaft adjuster

» For the steering: z.B. e.g. ball pivots, self-locking screws with serrated bearing surfaces

» For gearboxes: z.B. e.g. crankshaft end bolts, flywheel bolts, gearbox cover bolts, selector shafts, oil drainage plugs

» For the vehicle superstructure: e.g. self-locking screws with serrated bearing surfaces, subframe mounts, towing eyes, weld nuts, weld bolts

» Bolts for mounting sub-assemblies