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PEINER Umformtechnik supplies the steel construction industry with high-strength HV fittings

PEINER Umformtechnik supplies high-strength HV-bolt-sets and HV fit-bolt-sets complying with DIN EN 14399-4, DIN EN 14399-6 and DIN EN 14399-8 to the steel construction industry through the large distributors.

PEINER high-strength preloaded (HV) bolt-sets are preferably used in slip-resistant connections, flexural rigid plate connections, shear type connections and in ring flange connections of wind turbines.
As construction elements serving a safety function, these fasteners must comply with strict quality requirements. Consequently, we have installed high-precision standards and invested heavily in quality assurance.

Each PEINER HV-bolt and HV-nut carries a code – a serial number – to make the end product traceable right down to the batch of input material. This code adds transparency to the production process and, at the same time, is an expression of our quality demand.
PEINER HV-sets are available ex stock in the standard size range from M12 to M36. Larger sizes up to M64, especially for installation in wind turbines, complying with DASt-guideline 021 and the corresponding PEINER company standard, are also available.

We also support our customers in designing specific applications of these fastener elements, the respective validation and the assistance in the application process for approval of the same.

Our Sales staff and our specialized application engineers are looking forward to providing solutions to your requirements – challenge us!

For mining, crane construction, infrastructure technology and general plant construction PEINER Umformtechnik supplies special fastening elements that fulfil its customers’ specific requirements. We work together with our customers to find solutions, even for the most complex technical fastening – while constantly trying to optimise costs for the complete connection.